Oklahoma Cannabis Card Process


Virtual Visit with Dr. Cheryl

Virtual Visit with Dr. Cheryl

Virtual Visit with Dr. Cheryl

  Fill in your intake form and instantly connect to Dr.Cheryl using your cell phone or computer. She will fill out

the physician recommendation form for Oklahoma medical marijuana program.


Register Your Certification

Virtual Visit with Dr. Cheryl

Virtual Visit with Dr. Cheryl

 Oklahoma doesn't limit to a specific set of qualifying conditions. So once you receive your certification form. You will also need to register with the OMMA Medical Marijuana program through the state’s online Patient Registration System.   


Receive Your Card.

Virtual Visit with Dr. Cheryl

Receive Your Card.

 Once you’ve submitted your information, it will typically take the standard 7-10 business days for your medical marijuana card to arrive in the mail, at which point you can purchase legal marijuana from a qualified NY state dispensary.  

Price List

Please note you will not be charged the fee if the doctor does not believe that the video visit meets his standard of care.

Applying for the Card

Once you receive your certification from Dr. Cheryl you will have to go to Oklahoma Health department and register for the card.  The cost of registration is an additional $100 dollars, but Medicare and other patients are eligible for a discount.
Before Registration.

For the registration, you will need a few things. 

  • A copy of your State ID or DL, ( tribal card for Oklahoma), or Passport. If you are using a passport, you will need to provide supporting documents showing proof of residency ( bills).  
  • You will also need a black and white photo of yourself from the shoulders up with a white background. 
  • If you are a patient with Medicaid, Medicare, SoonerCare, or Disabled Veterans status, you will need to provide proof of such and they will provide a discount.  
  • You will have the certification document that Dr. Cheryl  generated which contains her
    • NPI number and address

    To register with the state please go to:http://omma.ok.gov/apply-now
    if you do not complete the registration process to log back in please go to:http://omma.ok.gov/returning-applicants  


Get your Oklahoma Marijuana Card today

Consult with Dr. Cheryl now and get your Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card today.